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decided that we would have a 'big play fight about
this fight5.

For two weeks we held our contests of strength
and skill, played our war games and swapped
ponies. All this while our fathers were taking
part in the various dances which lead up to the
big Sun Dance. Tom-toms were booming every
hour of the day. And our fathers were gathered
in big groups throughout the campus going-
through the rhythmic dances of their 'secret

At night pairs of warriors would wrap one blan-
ket about themselves and with arms around each
other's shoulders., would walk out on to the dark
prairies, chanting the dolorous wail of the Sun
Dance song. They were 'Blood Brothers' and
they were praying for one another. Every Indian
warrior has a "Blood Brother5 whom he adopts as
a brother when young, and these brothers stick
to one another throughout their lives, on and off
the war-path, and each is ready at any moment to
give his life for the other. They have absolutely
no secrets between them, and they become closer
to one another than they are to their own brothers.
The 'Blood Brother' relationship is perhaps the
finest, the most unselfish, the most sacrificing and
the cleanest relationship that has ever been
developed by the human being.

'Heh-h-h, heh-h-h, heh, hie, ho, hie-h-h!'    All
145                       K